Group Application Requirements
1)Registered both on forums and in-game
2)Active both on forums and in-game
3)At least 50 hours total playing time on the server
4)Decent and understandable use of the English language
5)Generally helpful, friendly and good behaviour both ingame and on the forums

Application format

1)In-Game Name - ? Specify your complete and exact username
2)How old are you - ? Be honest
3)What country are you from - ?
4)How long have you played SA-MP - Be honest
5)Why do you want to be in this group - ?
6)How can you help our group - ?
7)Screenshoot of your in-game stats - ?

The following rules have to be respected:

1)One application at a time, do not bother bumping it if it's been a while.
2)Do not annoy Advisors, Co-Leaders, Leaders telling them to review your application.
3)Only Advisor+ are allowed to reply to Group Applications

1)You might be kicked for inactivity.
2)You have to follow all the group rules
3)You are not guaranteed to be given a position in the group anytime.