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ADoKaN's OldSchool application.

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1)In-Game Name - ? Specify your complete and exact username ADoKaN

2)How old are you - ? Be honest I am 15 years old.

3)What country are you from - ? I am from Algeria

4)How long have you played SA-MP - Be honest Since 2014

5)Why do you want to be in this group - ? I want to join the OldSchool clan because it means alot since I have get a deep knowleadge about it, in addition, I want to join this clan because it is ordered between the best clans on the server where we play on, So I want to join this clan to have fun with its members and to get new friends, uhh why not? If I get accepted it will be much appreciated.

6)How can you help our group - ? Well, I can help the OS clan by letting the players know about it, so I'll present them what does OS and its information stand for so this will help the clan and the players at the same time

7)Screenshoot of your in-game stats - ?



Accepted on trail


You are here » TheOldSchool » Group Application » ADoKaN's OldSchool application.